May-Day! May-Day!

Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the Conservative Leadership race this week, leaving Theresa May as sole contender and the new owner of the keys to No. 10 Downing Street.

It may or may not have come as a shock to some of you, but Leadsom did come under a lot of pressure for her remarks on her suitably as PM last week. But, there are now some disputes (as there always is in politics) over the way in which May has become PM, questioning democracy in Britain. Bear in mind even Conservative members have not had a say in May’s sudden leadership, never mind the electorate. This causes some to question whether we should have an emergency general election to legitimise May’s premiership?

Let’s take a look at Theresa May’s policy record:


At least Cameron seems happy.

On Tuesday, Cameron chaired his last Cabinet meeting, with May taking over the reigns after Wednesday’s PMQs.

Labour’s leadership battles continue – with Angela Eagle launching her leadership bid. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on your stance) was overshadowed by the Leadsom’s decision to stand down from the Conservative leadership race. Poor Eagle was left in an almost-empty room with journalists fleeing her leadership launch to attend to Leadsom’s front steps as she announced her resignation, thus making Theresa May the Prime Minister-in-waiting.

Oh dear oh dear. What an awkward sight. If things weren’t already awkward for the leadership hopeful, on Tuesday evening, it was announced that Jeremy Corbyn WILL in fact be on the ballot in the Labour leadership contest. Has the #chickencoup failed? Well with thousands of Corbynistas and Labour’s increasing membership (again, Corbynistas perhaps?) it is likely that Mr Corbyn may be elected with an even bigger mandate, a way to show the Blairites within the party that ‘New Labour’ is well and truly dead.

If divisions within the party weren’t prominent before, they sure are now. With Eagle’s constituency office vandalised and Owen Smith also launching his own leadership campaign, it is an understatement to say the party is going through one bumpy ride. The question is, what happens if Corbyn is elected with a much bigger mandate? One alternative scenario is ‘Momentum’ becomes a new party in itself, with Corbyn as its leader and thus rival to Labour centrists. But let’s not speculate eh.

Needless to say, May’s cabinet reshuffle did gain a lot of attention, with Boris Johnson being brought back into the limelight with his appointment as Foreign Secretary. Yes, BoJo is now the man who will represent the UK to the rest of the world. Hm. May’s other cabinet appointments include:

It is important to note the new role of ‘Brexit Secretary’ held by David Davis – the creation of a new department suggests May’s intention to act swiftly in Britain’s negotiations to exit the EU. Mr Davis, a firm brexiteer commented that Article 50 could be triggered as early as next year, allowing the UK “to negotiate free trade deals with the world’s biggest economies could allow the public to see some of the economic benefits of Brexit before the likely date for withdrawal from the EU around the end of 2018”.  If you were hoping for a second referendum, then you’re out of luck i’m afraid.

 What will May’s leadership bring over the next four years (that’s if she lasts that long the way British politics is going!)? Is this the beginning of the end for the Labour Party as its internal woes continue?

After yet another week of speedy politics, sit back, relax and reminisce over Cameron’s legacy as leader of the Conservative Party for 11 years and PM for 6 years. How will you remember him?

Everybody’s talking about… Cameron’s reshuffle

Out with the old, in with the new. New Education Secretary Nicky Morgan (left) and Michael Gove (right)

With the approval of female bishops to Cameron’s appointment of more women in his cabinet, it’s fair to say that it’s been a week of celebration for us women. But has it really? I mean yes, Cameron has gotten rid of the likes of Michael Gove (hurray!) to appoint women such as Esther McVey and Nicky Morgan, but do they REALLY represent the average British woman? Take myself, a young black female Londoner educated my whole life in state institutions compared to our new Education Secretary who was educated in fee-paying schools such as Surbiton High School. Before you all start saying it shouldn’t matter, it clearly does – not just to me but to many Britons out there. Why? Representation that’s why. How can we expect to be represented by a ‘legitimate’ government if it’s core ministers do not reflect our growing multicultural society?

Fact: Baroness Warsi is the only ethnic member in Cameron’s cabinet. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Other conservative MPs have failed to support Cameron’s #reshuffle – centrists have unhappiness about the removal of Ken Clarke as minister without portfolio whilst those more on the right have shown backlash against the demotion of, you guessed it, Mr Gove. During his post as Education Secretary, Michael Gove had many disputes with the NUT so of course his demotion was celebrated. It does pose the question: What next for the world of education? Will the radical policies continue or will Nicky Morgan be a tad bit sympathetic? You know, being a mother and all.

In response to his reshuffle, Mr Cameron stated “This is about putting in place a team that continues to deliver the long term economic plan & ensures a brighter future for all.” What happened to the initial purpose of “reflecting modern Britain” eh Dave?

But, is it all a decoy? William Hague, replaced by Philip Hammond as Foreign Secretary, decided to stand down as an MP in the next election. Quite a coincidence after the revelation that Hague stifled a 1996 paedophile report which may have potentially unearthed evidence of key figures who had abused children. In resigning as an MP, is Hague failing to take responsibility and instead hide behind his own faults? Nevertheless, it might seem there’s more to this reshuffle that meets the eye.

Deliver a long term economic plan? More like brush everything under the carpet and carry on with a shady government, but hey, let’s not be too biased about this.